The InterTrade Ireland Acumen Programme is Live with their custom designed Program Management/CRM solution.

InterTradeIreland is a Cross-Border Trade and Business Development Body funded by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) and the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland (DJEI).  They support businesses, through innovation and trade initiatives to take advantage of North/South co-operative opportunities to improve capability, drive competitiveness, growth and jobs.

InterTradeIreland runs and manages a very large range of different and unique programmes, which incorporate a wide variety of diversified business needs and business processes. The involvement of different teams and the quite unique requirements of each project was the main challenge to the organization to find and adopt a single solution that will be able to support all of these unique requirements.

The ability of DataKraft Studio to adjust and be customized easily with no coding and the fast development approach provide them with the solution that they were looking for. Through the flexible and easily adjustable DataKraft configuration, all the unique needs such as business logic, specific reporting requirements and data management integrity can be supported individually and separately for each project. This approach enables InterTradeIreland to manage, track and control each of their projects effectively.

The communication with different stakeholders is been supported through the DataKraft solution with official document generation, contract management processes and a fully automated and controlled claim management process.

Furthermore, DataKraft software accommodated integration with their website for event and inquires management as well as integration with their finance management system.

The performance management solution through the complex and custom Reporting and Dashboard functionality on each project enabled InterTradeIreland to monitor on real time, measure and manage accurately all their project activity, from meeting inquires to each and every single task performed on an individual project. As a result InterTradeIreland is able to provide answers to any ad hock inquires in a timely and accurate manner that might come from government or any stakeholder partner.

As InterTradeIreland is dedicated to constantly create new programs and new services, new unique needs are created through this constant process. Datakraft solution is able to keep the pace with this constant change, supporting and evolving together with the needs of our partner all the way through on a fast pace, without interceptions over their existing processes.


“Our business is Cross Border Business Development. We have a range of client companies and a significant volume of communication and other client traffic and detail. As a public funded programme we have to adhere to robust reporting and accounting standards. We have no in-house IT expertise.
We needed a system that could allow us do a better job with existing traffic and enable us to build additional capacity. Meanwhile we had a business to run and we could not afford time out or disruption. After examining several possible solutions we opted for DataKraft . The deciding factor for us was an analysis that suggested that The DataKraft team more quickly identified our business fundamentals and our needs quicker than their competitors.
Installing and introducing any new system is tough but the DataKraft team helped us all the way. We now have a system that has advanced our ability and our capacity to serve our clients better than before.”
Laurence Lord
CPS Director of InterTradeIreland