Reporting and BI solution

Scouting Ireland is the sole Scout Movement-recognised Scouting association in the Republic of Ireland; in Northern Ireland it operates alongside The Scout Association of the UK. Scouting Ireland is a voluntary, non-formal educational movement for young people.

Scouting Ireland possesses an extended database of members across the country and their struggle was to find a flexible and powerful BI reporting solution that can be easily adjusted and satisfy their complex needs of ad hock queries. Their need for having a holistic overview over their data and be able to answer the most challenging questions and inquires across their members was fulfilled through DataKraft implementation.

The staff of Scouting Ireland were keen to avoid the complexity and steep learning curve of some traditional report writing tools and during early demonstrations were pleased with the ease of use that DataKraft offered.

The ability of DataKraft to support multiple databases and the easiness of the customization provided Scouting Ireland with a reliable and fast solution that meets their expectations. DataKraft was able to query and work with their data on the fly. Being able to make ad hoc queries on the data based on the needs and inquires of various stakeholders fast with no time consuming implementations and with easiness over customization, Scouting Ireland  was able to gain valuable insights through reporting and dashboards on the fly in a very fast and easy to use way.


Datakraft software gives us fantastic visibility of our information from across our National Database.
Noel O'Connor
Operations Manager, Scouting Ireland