DataKraft is a partner that will work with you to define the bottlenecks and pain processes, understand your business needs and propose solutions to you. Our team have the business and technical awareness and possess the ability to work with multiple systems and support you irrespectively the technology you are using. Defining the reasons that you are using each technology and understanding what you wish to achieve with each tool we can support you to build a strategy around your information systems for the future.


Our experience lays in a variety of commercial fields and procedures. Some of the areas where we have designed custom modules to tackle various business needs are:

  • Key account plan module for collecting valuable 360° degrees customer insights for optimal management of customer portfolio. By identifying what each customer perceives as added value and collecting valuable insights you can align the selling process with the buying process of each customer and proactively map the opportunities and threats of your customer portfolio.
  • Visit reporting and pre-sales templates along with processes implementation for appropriate preparation and follow up over customer needs.
  • Build in budgeting process automation linked with the sales data from your CRM, making the entire process of fill out the budget data accurate and faster. Enabling your employees instead of spending their valuable time on searching and filling out data over different excel sheets, to allocate their time just on checking the overview, building their strategy on each customer, focusing on creating opportunities and serving the customers instead of focusing on administrative tasks.
  • Design, creation and deployment of various processes that can automate and support your operations. From notifications, automated creation of follow up tasks till approval processes and data alignment, we can support a huge variety of operations that can be accommodated over the standard or custom modules. Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, and Contracts are only some examples of areas where you can automate and improve processes.
  • Mobile deployment of the afore mentioned processes can help your productivity to increase even higher making everyone at your organization able to react on the spot from anywhere, even if you are waiting for your next flight or just before you jump to the next meeting.
  • Working together with you, we can integrate multiple legacy systems with, where we can identify your present and future needs and based on this input we can design and develop the best approach for your environment.
  • We can foster the productivity of your administrators and users by providing training through identification of the current needs of your business operations and pinpoint the areas where the training can make an impact. Exploring and demonstrating the quick wins that can be achieved using the right tools of and building the knowledge of your administrators to problem solving the issues and building new solutions to tackle the routines of your operations and the business needs.

Configuration and customization

Every organization has its own processes, culture and ‘personality’. These aspects need to be taking into consideration and be supported from the Information System in use. We can support you in that process by exploring your business needs and environment, deploying for you all these functionalities to support your business needs.

  • Business processes and automation
  • Workflows and triggers
  • Custom buttons
  • Complex formulas

Data migration and remediation

Data is the ‘soul’ of every application. They provide you with a clear view and facts about how your organization moves along the market and the external environment. You need to be 100% sure that these data are trustworthy and depict the actual true in order to build your strategy and your decisions based on these. DataKraft can provide solutions over your accurate data management by:

  • Import new/improved data
  • Remove/preventing duplicates
  • Consolidate existing data fields
  • Develop data cleaning processes
  • Clean data

User training and adoption

The adoption and use of each new technology and functionality of the system is of paramount importance and is a never end process. Functional documents training material and knowledge transfer to internal stuff can be provided on various modules and system functionality, to help your internal stuff became more aware and self-sufficient on to, either identify a solution to an existing challenge or create a new process to solve a business need.

Administration and support

Are you new to Salesforce? The task of setting up every little detail until everything is ready and run effectively can be smother and faster with the right partner by your side. Even if you are short hand for a period of time, or you just don’t want to be occupied by the trivial day to day tasks or the one in a while new requirements, DataKraft can support you by remote Salesforce administration:

  • Update existing processes to capitalize on newly released Salesforce functionality
  • Execute infrequent maintenance tasks required to keep Salesforce relevant to your company’s changing needs
  • Design and customize functionality for a new business need
  • Replace expiring software packages with Salesforce functionality

Reporting and analytics

Be always informed and up to date with the latest business metrics through Visual management with Charts and Dashboards even at your mobile. At DataKraft we can propose, design and develop BI analytics, interactive KPI’s reports and dashboards based on your business needs and metrics that really matters for your business model and market strategy.

  • Different level reporting based on the visibility needs of each individual user and department.
  • Sales & Marketing metrics
  • Finance metrics
  • Usage and Adoption metrics