Real-time analysis

Real time Graphs and charts will give you instant views of your business. No more trawling through data or waiting for reports to be written.

Performance tracking

Instantly view the performance of your team at any point in time. Who’s making the most sales? How long is it taking? Measure against targets, etc.

Manage referrals

Gain full visibility on the referrals and their conversion to sales. You can either report on the sources of your referrals or easily browse through the referals to drill down to the source client

Sales dashboard

Instant helicopter view of past performance, current status and the all important pipeline

Create consistent Professional Documents Instantly

Don’t waste time repeatedly creating documents – our automatic Word generation will create your standard documentation instantly, with professional reporting every time

Campaign management

Use your sales history to manage more effective marketing campaigns
With our easy query building you can be sure to carefully target your campaigns for better results – Select targets based on previous history for more effective cross selling

Manage calls, leads, and opportunities

Every stage of a sale can be tracked, from the initial call, qualification, transfer to a sales rep, opportunity management, sale etc. You will also have a transparent history of all communications, meetings, decisions, quotes given, etc.

Office integration (No upgrade necessary)

Export data to Excel with a single click or use Excel formulas within DataKraft Sales itself. Integrate your Outlook calendar with your centralised dataKraft Sales calendar. Import data from MS project, MS Access and create Word documents from the content of your sales application.


Never drop an opportunity again – every task, client and case will have an owner that is a user of the system; and each user will clearly see the items they are responsible for.
Seamless lead and opportunity hand over will allow you to change staff or facilitate leave with no loss of data, no knowledge transfer problems and no disruption to the service received by clients.

Store email centrally (No upgrade necessary)

Import emails from Outlook and store them centrally within the client account, giving maximum transparency of progress, and any issues; and keep an important history of communications in case of future disputes.
This function is selective so only relevant emails will be loaded. All emails sent from the solution will also be stored in the client account and this history can be viewed easily.

Schedule and track important milestones

Use our Calendar to track important deadlines