Project dashboard

Instant helicopter view of project performance across your organisation

Performance tracking

Instantly view the performance of your team or team members at any point in time. Spot difficulties as early as possible and make better resourcing decisions

Manage multiple projects across your organisation

DataKraft Project will manage low level tasks and high level views of multiple projects, in one centralised environment

Full accountability – assign tasks to team members

Every task will have a clearly visible owner and due date for better accountability progress measurement

My View

Each team member will have a My View area where they can clearly see tasks that have been assigned to them

Schedule and track important milestones

Use our Calendar view to track important deadlines, milestones, etc.


Seamless task and project handover will allow you to change staff or facilitate annual leave with a minimum of disruption, no loss of data, and no knowledge transfer problems

Produce consistent professional documents instantly

Don’t waste time repeatedly creating documents – our automatic word generation will create your standard documentation instantly, with professional reporting everytime

Real Time analysis

Real time Graphs and charts will give you instant views of your business. No more trawling through data or waiting for reports to be written.

Store email centrally (No upgrade necessary)

Import email from Outlook and store it centrally, attached to a task, project or any object in the database. This gives maximum transparency of progress, any issues that arise and keeps an important history of communications in case of future disputes.
This function is selective so only relevant emails will be loaded into the application. All emails sent from the application will also be stored centrally and this history can be viewed easily.

Office integration (No upgrade necessary)

Export data to Excel with a single click or use Excel formulas within dataKraft Project itself. Integrate your Outlook calendar with your centralised dataKraft Project calendar. Import data from MS project, MS Access and create Word documents from the content of your application

Conduct your projects securely

Protect sensitive information by creating appropriate user security profiles. All data can be tracked by dataKraft Audit, giving you full transparency of all changes in the database including details such as who made changes, when they made them, etc.