DK Marketer

  • Integration with Facebook, Google Adwords, Double Click.
  • Direct access to source data through google and facebook APIs.
  • Uses RESTful web services technology.
  • Easily extend the set of information that is retrieved through simple configuration of the KIT.
  • Scheduled and on demand data synchronization options.
  • Possible to integrate with other data sources.


Give customer access to their own branded performance dashboard. Gain a high-value differentiator and reduce costs

  • Automate Campaign Reporting
  • Give Customers a Branded Web Dashboard
  • Contextualise their data

How does it work?

  • We connect DataKraft Software to your Facebook, AdWords and Double Click accounts and give you an administrator account.
  • Create your logical campaign groups and map actual campaigns to groups and your customers’ business references.
  • Total Control of which users can see which campaigns.
  • Complete personalised menu user security.
  • Configure your own branding or that of your customer including logo and colours.