Improve your business performance and workflow, connect with your customers, control your supply chain, manage data your way, drive your decision making with database-derived business intelligence.

Most IT projects follow a similar pattern:

  1. the business users talk to the business analyst.
  2. the business analyst talks to the IT architect.
  3. the architect relays information to the designers and developers.

With all those links in the chain at every stage of the project, it’s no surprise that IT projects are costly and still run over time and over budget.

DataKraft changes that pattern – significantly.

With DataKraft, the solution can be built by a business analyst – with no need for coding or developers. The prototype can be built by the analyst, in close contact with the user. The result? A solution that closely matches the requirements of the user – often delivering more than the user originally expected! No compromises. No delays. And, if the business process changes, there is no need to go back to a developer team. DataKraft solutions are built and changed by configuration, so there is no code!

Sounds too good to be true?

Contact us to organise an online presentation and an free evaluation to show what DataKraft can do for your department and your business.

Before Dalkia and Violia moved to an organisation wide ERP, DataKraft had implemented three business solutions using DataKraft Studio software ; analyzing our needs and designing them was so fast and efficient; we were able to focus on the essentials – our business needs – and didn’t have any overheads dealing with the technical code. Our DataKraft systems were powerful yet so easy to use at the same time… a small revolution for professionals like us!
Patrick Gilroy
MD, Dalkia (Ireland)

Managers of Core Business Units

Since implementing systems built on DataKraft, we no longer have system errors.
Marc O’Dwyer
Managing Director, Big Red Book (Ireland)

Build a system quickly, easily at low cost that addresses a business need. DataKraft has been used to build customized departmental applications including finance, sales, operations, HR and compliance or risk management either for an embedded business process or to meet the needs of a short-term project or initiative.

Apart from the low cost and short timeframes enabled by DataKraft, applications are easy to use, with a high adoption rate by end-users, not only because of the familiar interface the application matches business process very closely, so users can appreciate the value that it brings.

And because you do not need to be dependent on teams of developers, the application is also flexible to meet changing needs, with low ongoing maintenance costs / TCO.

IT Directors / Senior IT Managers

The DataKraft rapid delivery time is quite simply stunning and beats all projects I have undertaken in the last 20+ years – with fewer resources.
Deirdre Mooney
Project Manager, GS1 (Ireland)

Respond quickly to the demands of your business! You can now offer the business applications that can be built quickly and cost-effectively, matched exactly to the business requirement 20 times faster than traditional applications development for even the most complex applications. No coding is required, so there is no dependence on specialist developers. This also means that ongoing costs and maintenance is very low.

Typically, return on investment can be as quick as 3-4 months, based on a higher time-to-value, measureable and demonstrable time and efficiency savings, with greatly reduced maintenance costs.

DataKraft can be used to build database applications for all parts of the business, including IT, sales, HR, operations, finance, compliance management and change management / business process re-engineering.

DataKraft can also be used to upgrade old VB applications very cost-effectively, moving these old, high-maintenance to a platform that is supported and easy to maintain.


Implement a standards-based .NET platform for building applications that are flexible, very aligned to the business and offers a fast way to add value and respond to changing business requirements. DataKraft runs with all commonly-used databases.

DataKraft can be used to build applications for a variety of clients, including mobile applications and applications delivered via the web.

The DataKraft platform can be upgraded seamlessly without disruption to users, easily and flexibly adding more value and capabilities to business applications.

When Would You Use DataKraft?

Most commonly, large businesses can use DataKraft for:

  • Low-cost, powerful and flexible business applications for specialist groups or departments where budget constraints may restrict the development of applications. DataKraft offers a fast and low-cost, yet fully functional alternative
  • Custom-built applications for compliance, change management, product development or project-specific requirements
  • Upgrading old VB applications – versions which may be unsupported by Microsoft and may be costly to maintain.
  • Connecting different applications together e.g. for a business re-organisation, mergers and acquisitions, application consolidation, application integration or changes to business processes. DataKraft can offer a great deal of value by connecting across different platforms and databases.

A customized solution that is fully adapted to your needs
Tell us what your business issues are. With DataKraft Studio, we will deliver you the solution you need. Business intelligence, outsourcing, management information systems, … these are powerful features DataKraft Studio provides by automatically generating screens for data presentation. DataKraft also gives you easy and instant navigation that enables you to drill though your data in all possible ways. So you’ll have an unparalleled ability to view data under any angle and unlock any analysis potential.

A unique approach to implementation
DataKraft Studio is fully integrated with MS Office applications, such as Excel, Outlook, Word, Access and Project and we can synchronise existing data from both MS Outlook and MS Project. When an application is developed using DataKraft Studio, no coding or development is required. This means the time required to build a custom solution is reduced by a factor 25, so you’ll get your complete solution in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

Your DataKraft system is can evolve with you
DataKraft Studio, the application used to create and maintain the customized database systems, is the same as one the end user is using when they are working with data. As a result, we can let you choose if you want to maintain and develop the application internally, externally or both.

Key Points

  • 20 times faster than traditional applications development
  • Build powerful applications easily, integrating with commonly-used business tools
  • Aligned closely to business requirements and workflow
  • Easy and intuitive to learn and use guaranteeing high adoption rates & time to value
  • Support for Microsoft Office, Dashboards, calendars, Pivot Tables, GANTT Charts, Barcodes, maps / GPS and a host of other elements out of the box.
  • Rapid time to market / implementation
  • Low cost / high ROI
  • Flexible
  • Low maintenance / low TCO
  • Standards-based .NET platform. Scalable, Secure, Reliable
  • Supports all major databases
  • Use the DataKraft Standard User Interface or customise the UI to meet corporate standards.


If you already work with a developer or an IT Services company, ask them to contact us. When they start using DataKraft Studio as their development tool, you’ ll find that cost and delivery times improve dramatically.

You can also contact us directly for advice.