GS1, Global Standards, is a neutral, not-for-profit, international organization that develops and maintains standards for supply and demand chains across multiple sectors.

With local Member Organizations in over 110 countries, GS1 works with communities of trading partners, industry organizations, governments and technology providers and responds to their business needs through the adoption and implementation of global standards.

GS1 has over a million member companies across the world, executing more than five billion transactions daily using GS1 standards. The organization manages the barcode standard used by retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. They boost efficiency in many sectors, from retail and health to transport and logistics.

  • Licence Management and CRM solution
  • BI and Reporting solution


The need

GS1 was looking for a system that will be capable of supporting their complicated business process of storing and managing all the bar code numbering and licencing for their members. The barcoding system provides meaning and a common language across industries and their participated members.  With complicated business rules on how each batch of numbers are allocated to country, industry, product, etc. it was a real challenge to build a solution around this operation and support the business process of the entire management of the barcode numbering, from licencing and registration of new numbers till maintenance and reallocation of already licenced numbers.

The added value solution

The power of Datakraft was the ability to grasp the complexity of the numbering system in use and build an easy and fast adjustable prototype that proved to meet GS1 business needs and requirements.

One of the most crucial functionalities that DataKraft implemented was the number splitting and reallocation process. Through this process, if a product changes over the characteristics that they define their barcode numbering (production location or acquisition of this product from a new brand) all the existing product barcodes that are in stock or at the retail market, can still be valid and used without any issues. The implemented DataKraft business logic can support the reallocation of these numbers by adjusting the logic of numbering process, eliminating the need of making void the previous coding and re allocating new ones to the products in change. This flexibility can save effort, time and money across all participating industries such as producers, logistic and retailers.

The ability to maintain the numbering integrity intently with every change that can happen to the products or the members of GS1 without the need to interfere over their process in place by recalling, reprinting and reassign new barcode numbering, was a big asset for the organization.

The DataKraft rapid delivery time is quite simply stunning and beats all projects I have undertaken in the last 20+ years – with fewer resources.
Deirdre Mooney
Project Manager, GS1 (Ireland)

The functionalities supported

Datakraft enable GS1 to build from scratch over a short time, a custom CRM and licence management solution without the need of coding and the extended support of an IT department.

Generation of customer letters, licence agreement allocation, contracts and sales reporting are only few of the functionalities supported from the implemented solution. Furthermore, a Project management functionality is been added at Datakraft existing solution, that acts as the back end of GS1 website, where all the management of the barcode licencing is taking place.

The ability of Datakraft to operate seamlessly with multiple databases, made it possible to create with short development time Integration with GS1 3d party applications such as their accounting package. The process of invoice generation as well as the finance reporting is handled through Datakraft solution.

As GS1 is committed to constantly innovate and rolling new services to support their members on operating more efficiently on every segment of the value added chain Datakraft flexibility and ability to react fast with minimum development time over these changes was of a paramount importance for GS1 to choose Datakraft solution. As GS1 needs, business processes and requirements can change over time Datakraft solution can evolve dynamically along these changes and continue supporting GS1 and their members on their business needs.