Ethos Engineering provides mechanical and electrical consultancy services to the residential, commercial, micro-electronic, healthcare, municipal, educational, sports & leisure, high tech and pharmaceutical sectors.

Ethos Engineering was looking for a custom bespoke project management and cost controlling solution for their global operations and selected DataKraft as the most appropriate solution for their needs. DataKraft created a solution where all the projects of Ethos can be easily and accurately planned, managed & controlled. Additionally, Ethos has the ability to gain insights regarding the projected and actual cost of each individual project that is involved and proactively manage and measure its performance through various indicators of each project, eliminating it’s potential risk factors (exceed budget and time of completion).

Having a large team around the globe Ethos was in need of a solution that will be integrated seamlessly with their existing management information system. DataKraft was able to create a web application where each team member of engineers around the globe can access and submit their requests such as annual leave, expense reports and time sheets approval for approval. All of these with integrated workflow and approval processes in place. Ethos can have a complete overview and easily manageable information which is crucial for accurate management of their resources, and successful project delivery.

Finally, an Audit management system supporting their ISO documentation with workflow integration was implemented through the DataKraft solution. The intention of this solution was to support and maintain the needed ISO documentation and process of the organization, with the auditing ISO organizations. This solution was also designed directly with DataKraft Studio existing solution without the need for Ethos to contract an additional supplier and pay for additional support and software maintenance. The saving and the easiness of having all their management information functionality in one system were some of the benefits of choosing DataKraft as their solution partner.

Ethos is an innovative mover when it comes to their information management processes and they try to gain the best insights over their data that will enable them to innovate and make informed, fact based decisions for optimal management of their projects and operations. DataKraft solutions are able to support these needs and adjust seamlessly over the fast paced changing environment of Ethos.


  • Project management
  • Time & Expenses Management
  • Audit management solution
While managing many teams of engineers, our DataKraft software gives us the visibility to react early enough to issues on projects such that we take appropriate action before items become problems. It’s one of the most heavily used pieces of software on my machine.
John Coroner
Director, Ethos Engineering