DataKraft Studio

DataKraft Studio lets you build database solutions – Fast!. No development, no code testing, fast design.
20 times faster than traditional development methods

DataKraft Studio is a revolutionary software platform you can use to create professional database applications, with no requirement for coding or development. This platform can be used by IT services companies to generate bespoke database systems for clients in dramatically less time.

DataKraft Studio software sits on top of standard databases, providing a user interface for the designer to develop a solution and for end-users to interact with the resultant database system. DataKraft is compatible with most commonly used database software, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MSAccess and MSDE.

In addition to creating new database systems, DataKraft Studio can be used to reverse engineer existing systems and to migrate systems from one database format to another. For example, you can use DataKraft Studio to migrate an organisation’s database system from Microsoft Access to SQL Server.

Applications developed with DataKraft Studio fit seamlessly into working environments that utilize Microsoft Office. For example, every solution built in DataKraft Studio can synchronize data from Microsoft Outlook and import and export to Excel. This integration promotes greater user take-up, minimises training and helps to ensure that ALL end-users feel comfortable using DataKraft software, not just the techies!

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See the big picture instantly. Get a global business view with up to the minute insight through custom reports, charts, dashboards, and triggered notifications etc.

To be completely honest, we would not have been able to do these projects without a tool like DataKraft. The first project had such a tight turnaround that we would not have met their time frames with a pure development approach. We would have had to develop the second project in Access or VB most probably; however, the effort/price that we would have quoted would probably have been too prohibitive for the customer.
Neil Thompson
Systems Delivery Manager, Intec (Australia)