DataKraft studio is a powerful software platform that uses cutting edge technology to implement its functionality.

User friendly screens are available to the administrator to design and build new functionality easily and with no coding. All the screens and all navigation are automatically generated and the administrator can switch easily between use and design modes instantly to test the designed application immediately.

All the meta-data about the design and data model of the application are stored in the database and the application can be changed from one database format to another with a simple “Save as” Action. DataKraft Studio takes care of all of the translation.

The DataKraft studio supports also the following:

  • Rich data management features, such as DDL commands, transactions and queries over multiple data sources (SQL server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Integration, visibility and reporting and querying across multiple databases and/or data sources
  • Access to XML and other flat file formats as a data source, replication, transfer of a data source from one format to another, data sources exposed as Web services,
  • User session management with login management to the different data sources
  • Workflow rules and conditions, screen flows, wizards, data validation rules, conditional screen behavior, automatic history, versioning, data auditing
  • Rich screen features like exporting to Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.

Build an App from scratch
Build Report and Queries on existing App
Bridge 2 or more data sources
Analyse and diagram complex databases