We have mixture of SQL Server, Access and Excel, would it be possible to bridge these?

Yes, DataKraft can connect to and query across multiple data sources, even if they are different. We support Oracle, Azure, MS SQL Server, MySql, .MDB

Can I control the data my staff can see?

Yes. DataKraft has a comprehensive security management module. Security groups can be defined that individual members can be assigned to and data visibility can be controlled right down to a field/column level.

Security can also be managed on an exception basis where some items are restricted or on a declarative access where users get nothing by default and are granted access to individual elements.

The learning curve on these kind of tools has been a major constraint for us in the past.

DataKraft has been designed for normal office computer users, not for developers. The DataKraft user interface is a mixture between Excel and Outlook, so users feel as comfortable as if they were using MS Office.

My department could really use this tool, but our company has already invested in a BI platform.

While large platforms may meet most general needs, there can be times when managers may urgently need to bridge and share information that is not in the same database or location, and this may not be supported by existing tools.
This is an ideal opportunity to use DataKraft to bridge the desired data sources and report across them. It is a fast, flexible and cost effective way to meet tactical needs, enabling management to make informed decisions and react immediately.

What kind of reports can I output?

MS Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, Excel, .CSV etc.

What if we change databases in the future?

No problem, in fact DataKraft can help you to migrate from one Database to the other seamlessly with no disruption to users (e.g. MS Access to SQL Server).