Oracle Database Analysis

Building an efficient and fast database for an organisation is not an easy task and maintaining its optimum performance is always a challenging mission.

The only way to meet these expectations is to guarantee an excellent level of consistency, integrity, security and completeness.

DataKraft DBA’s, analysing the Oracle Database Logical Model definition and optimizing the physical model design, guarantee speed and performance.

Fast problem pattern recognition allows us to minimize diagnosis time as well as focusing on data quality & data cleansing.

Data Migration Services & Strategies

Do you want your organisation to take advantage of the latest Oracle Database technology?

DataKraft migration solution architects will work to design the full strategy to migrate data from legacy or non-Oracle technologies to Oracle Databases identifying workflow enhancement opportunities and accommodating site specific requirements.

These results will be included in the migration constructed and implemented through software automation wherever possible.

Oracle Database
Performance Tuning

Database performance is business performance.

DataKraft Oracle database services improve your business performance.

Stay ahead of performance bottlenecks, avoid costly downtime and keep the business thriving.

DataKraft Oracle database services help you to improve the performance of your Oracle database instances, applications, servers and network infrastructure.

SQL Tuning & Query Optimization

The identification and optimization of poor performance database queries in modern high volume databases is critical for the high availability and responsiveness of the system and in particular for OLTP systems.

The DataKraft team with it’s experience in SQL tuning and leveraging the available Oracle database tools, such as SQL Performance Analyzer and Real-Time SQL Monitoring, provides outstanding SQL optimisation.

Building and Managing PL/SQL Program Units

Increase your teams’ productivity, improving your PL/SQL code programming.

DataKraft PL/SQL’s programmers will build and manage new PL/SQL Program Units or re-build existing ones, integrating your business logic with the most advanced PL/SQL programming techniques.


  • Definition of software metrics
  • Greater productivity through analyses and development of your PL/SQL code
  • Compliance with programming guidelines

Your benefits:

  • Compliance with coding guidelines
  • Enhanced readability of your code
  • Early pinpointing of risks
  • Better quality code