Does your company experience any of the following?

  • Lengthy and expensive development of applications?
  • Fear of building your own information management solution because of cost and risk?
  • Your existing applications are not robust?
  • You can’t extend your current package to meet your requirements?
  • Little or no integration with other applications?
  • Frustrating & unsatisfactory database systems?
  • Poor and frustrating user interface?
  • User rejection due to complexity and steep learning curve?
  • Limited IT budget?
  • Is your ongoing maintenance expensive?
  • No integration between different databases?
  • Important data in email and documents staying in 1 persons “inbox” and not being shared with others?
  • Decision making suffering as key info is not available immediately

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions, then exploring DataKraft could be a significant step forward for your business to increase productivity, reduce frustration and costs, and improve decision making. Give us a call today and see how DataKraft could solve your information management problems.

Custom solutions usually arise from special requirements in the production of an innovative product or even the particular requirements of a client. Custom software delivers specialized and/or unique user interfaces, workflow, and system interconnections that provide the buyer with more benefits and resultant value than off-the-shelf applications offer.

Our know-how and flexibility at DataKraft allow us to be able to meet these needs and offer reliable and technically and financially viable solutions.

DataKraft Studio is our own software platform that allows us to create powerful information management solutions with no development or coding whatsoever. Using DataKraft Studio we can design a custom information management solution in only a few days!

Also, we can implement bespoke solutions in various technologies and platforms such us web/mobile, .net, Java, Oracle etc. Our expertise to edge technologies in conjunction to various business areas (i.e. telecommunications, student management, and banking) allows us to design and implement flexible and innovative solutions.

We are giving our clients easy to use solutions that meet their exact needs with a fast project life cycle and a low cost of ownership.