If your company has specific needs that can’t be met with standard packages, building an information system tailored to your needs using DataKraft Studio could yield significant savings.

DataKraft Studio can be up to 20 times less expensive than other packages and can be up to 50 times less expensive than traditional development!

The time required to build a solution is reduced by a minimum factor of 25, with the application available in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or even months. Your application will also be very flexible and can adapt as your needs change.

Fulfill business needs:

  • Give your staff an intuitive information system that can be used by everyone in your organisation
  • Reduce development costs and enjoy simple and quick maintenance
  • Own a system that lets you control costs and delivery time
  • Create a structured approach to managing email, documents, files, etc.

Achieve Tangible Savings:

  • Reduce time spent liaising with 3rd party developers for custom built applications
  • Database Administrators (DBAs) can browse through information on any database without coding (DBA time is a precious commodity)
  • DataKraft Studio can be used as a database-browsing tool
  • Users can address business needs immediately
  • Reduce time spent communicating requirements to developers
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive IT consultancy