DataKraft is a fast growing and exciting young company with a revolutionary product that was launched in 2004.

In the last 8 years, this revolutionary idea became reality following many successful implementations of DataKraft Studio in a large range of companies in Ireland, the UK and Australia. DataKraft is now strongly placed in both the private and public sector.

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DataKraft specialise with projects for clients that have unique needs which can’t be met with standard software packages that without DataKraft could not have afforded a custom made solution to fit their exact needs.

  • Implementations are within budget and on time
  • End users hit the ground running with DataKraft software as it feels familiar and it is very easy to use

  • No lengthy rollout, or bug testing phases are necessary
  • DataKraft Solutions’ familiarity makes life easier, not harder, for users

  • Using DataKraft Studio, evolution of implemented systems is incredibly easy and quick
  • We have received high-levels of positive feedback expressing the positive impact that DataKraft Solutions have had on business

Customer opinions

To be completely honest, we would not have been able to do these projects without a tool like dataKraft. The first project had such a tight turnaround that we would not have met their timeframes with a pure development approach. We would have had to develop the second project in Access or VB most probably; however, the effort/price that we would have quoted would probably have been too prohibitive for the customer.

Neil Thompson
Systems Delivery Manager, Intec (Australia)

In only 2 days we were live with our custom built solution with no perceivable disruption to our day-to-day business. We also achieved significant savings, as the alternative to dataKraft would have been expensive development, or a much larger and more costly package.”

Patrick Trane
CEO of Bantry Technologies

Dalkia have implemented three business solutions using DataKraft; analyzing our needs and designing them was so fast and efficient; we were able to focus on the essentials – our business needs – and didn’t have any overheads dealing with the technical code. Our DataKraft systems are powerful yet so easy to use at the same time… a small revolution for professionals like us!

Patrick Gilroy
MD, Dalkia (Ireland)

DataKraft are committed to our customers and partners for the long term, we know their needs will change and our platform is able to cope with this inevitable change at minimal cost and disruption which, alongside our excellent service, gives our customers peace of mind in a fast changing business environment.


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