DataKraft has the experts, experience and the technical toolset to assist you with your information & student management system needs.
We have been working with the 3rd level education sector since 2005  and our team has significant experience with market leading software used in the 3rd level sector including student management system.

The DataKraft Studio software platform gives us powerful data analysis functionality for comparing data sets and databases, this gives us a key advantage when undertaking complex student management upgrade projects. Our diagramming technology also allows us to visualize data sets that would otherwise be too big to be represented.

This is why DataKraft the company and DataKraft Studio technology are great partners for your student management upgrade or customization project.

Previous project experience 

  • Database analysis to depict the database schema and the relations between application screens and database entities using interactive diagrams.
  • New release analysis for upgrade preparation. Identification of the technical and functional differences between the current and the new version of the software.
  • New release analysis with respect to scoping new changes to software that will have an impact on documentation and necessitate user training etc.
  • Upgrade project plan preparation
  • Impact analysis of the upgrade on the integration of the student management system with third systems
  • Software Module Compatibility Assessments to understand the optimum upgrade paths in order to take advantage of such new technologies such as Groovy/Grails etc.
  • Reporting analysis as to migrate existing reports into Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

DataKraft provides expertise in analysis, design, application development, deployment, and support of your student management system. We can assist you and support your team with any/all of the following services.

  • Installing and configuring the software
  • Developing new features on the student management system
  • Integration of 3rd party applications
  • Upgrade your system to a new version supported by the vendor
  • Design and development of BI solutions
  • Develop new reports to cover your current information needs
  • Design and analyse student system database schema
  • Support your current installation

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